lunes, febrero 18, 2008

Noam Chomsky

La organización de derechos humanos Colombia Support Network con sede en Estados Unidos dio a conocer en días pasados el siguiente mensaje del lingüista y profesor del Instituto Tecnológico de Massachussets, Noam Chomsky en apoyo a la jornada de homenaje a las víctimas en Colombia el próximo 6 de marzo:

For far too long, Colombians have suffered torture, displacement, disappearance, and general misery under the dark shadow of paramilitary and military terror, constantly taking new and more menacing forms. To our everlasting shame, citizens of the United States have unwittingly made a decisive contribution to these horrors for close to half a century. The vigil on March 6 is a courageous stand by the victims and their supporters, in Colombia and around the world, a passionate plea for this savagery to be brought to a final end. Please join them in any way you can, and help to bring to this wonderful country the justice and peace that its people richly deserve”.
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